Rawrix Networks

Rawrix Apps Converters

Converts given values to the most popular units.

Password generator

Generates randomized passwords with parameters you give to it.

Port checker

Application checks if a port given as input is open or blocked.

QR code generator

Generate your own QR codes for free!

Color picker

A browser-based color picker.

Rawrix Reader

Rawrix Reader is meant for reading RSS and Atom feeds. You can select your own feeds to follow and even browse your feed's items within Rawrix Reader as if you were browsing with your internet browser.


A simple tool to encode/decode URLs


Ragnarök is an old school-ish top-down shooter spiced up with several features from other game genres. You play as the Untold Hero in the midst of Ragnarök to vanquish your foes and bolster up your skills and talents. Ragnarök is based very loosely on Norse Mythology and therefore it contains references to it.

Minifier (JS & CSS)

A simple tool to minify your JavaScript and CSS

Rawrix Lyrics

We have decided to shut down Rawrix Lyrics to get more time to develop our other services. Thank you all for using this service.

Rawrix Blogs

We have decided to shelve Rawrix Blogs [beta] service, since I didn't have enough time to develop it. Though if you are interested about it, please send a contact message! Knowing that someone wants to use it could give me some inspiration to develop the Rawrix Blogs service :)